Cloud and SaaS IT Services

Let Us manage your IT so You can manage your business.


Isn't Web Hosting challenging and expensive?

AIT offers several affordable options for static and dynamic website hosting along with:

  • Managed Databases (MSSQL, PostgreSQL and MySQL)
  • Managed Storage (Blob, File, S3)
  • Managed Backups


How can I manage Office365 for my team?

Let AIT configure and manage your teams Office365, including:

  • User Creation, deletion and password management
  • Email setup on Desktop and Mobile
  • SharePoint and OneDrive management
  • Legal Hold, Email Retention and delivery reports


How can I utilize The Cloud for my business?

AIT can help manage your businesses cloud resources; whether on AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud. Our team has expert level knowledge of cloud computing and SaaS/PaaS offerings, including:

  • Virtual Machines
  • VPC/VNET Virtual Networking
  • Terraform and Ansible
  • Cloud Billing and Monitoring


I need Password Management for my employees?

AIT offers web based Password Management System based off of Bitwarden

  • Share passwords with Team Members
  • Store encrypted Notes
  • Auto-Fill passwords in web browsers and mobile apps
  • Leaked password reports

Jim James

AIT has shaped the business we have today. We have a repeatable sales process and a strategy to scale our team. I recommend AIT to any business looking to improve their sales.

Jim James - CEO of Global Corp.

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